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3018 entries.
Nancy Sharma from New Delhi
Rusty Curling from Trotwood/Ohio
Jonathan H. Harwell from Orlando, FL
Eric Jones from New York
Rose Emilie from Pullman
Rev. Marylee Fithian from Richfield, MN
Neil Heath
Rev C David Dean from United Kingdom
Gracie Fournier from Lawshall
Kim Hudson from Hickory, NC
Molly Bass from Hickory NC
Carmen Eckard from Hickory NC
Beth Mauser from NC
Eric Jones from New York
Antony John from Sarasota, Florida
Michael Libunao-Macalintal, MDiv from New Haven, CT
Ara Loader from Mountain Water
Kathy Cuccaro from Canton, MI
Laurie Mayers from Plymouth, MI
Kevin Johnson from Boston
Eric Jones from New York
Mary Elizabeth Hunt from SILVER SPRING
Angela Howard-McParland from Cranston
Al from MI
Meredith Atkins from Higgins Lake
Rev. Donna Shaw from Simi Valley, California
Tina D Shelton from Havertown
Mx. Theo Swinford from Arizona
Jimmy Ayres
Dr. Michael Caffery from New Orleans, LA
Amanda Peters from Michigan
Christa Kerber from Wynnewood
Alyssa Duffner from California
Sister Irma Dillard from San Francisco, CA
Reverend Rosa G. Manriquez, IHM from Los Angeles, CA
Martha Sanchez from McAllen
Catherine Miller from Washington, DC
Vanessa Alvarado from Austin
Emma Wonsil
Scott Pyzik from Massachusetts
Brian Anton Wigman from Beverly Hills
delfin bautista from Minneapolis
Irvin Welch from Sedel
Eric Jones from New York
Robt Fife from Rostanga
Mike from Mississauga
Nancy Sharma from New Delhi
Eric Jones from New York
Rebecca Houde from Rixeyville
Heather Herbert from Conover, NC
Eric Jones from New York
John Pope from NC
kevin s. from Charlotte
Carol Mayfield from Jonesboro/ Ar.
Tracy Murphy
Jennifer from NJ
Mx. Vera Lynn-Earrings Walker from Phoenix AZ
Sonia Bryan from Bedford Texas
Desirée Beaulieu from Winnipeg, Manitoba
Friend Jan Philips from Ridgewood, N.J.
Michael Nguyen from California
David Kucharski from Washington, DC
Susan Greenberg from Boca Raton
Sarah Vander
Sabahat Khan from Pullman
JAMES COOK from London
Lorett Bodkin from Stanley, ND
Randy Scobey (Thomas) from Sanford, Florida
Michael T Smith from NJ
Rev Juliet Vorster from Gosport
Bianca from Detroit, Michigan
Linda Newby from Fountain valley
Michael Burke from Minnesota
Karyssa from North Carolina
Kathy Hefner from Waynesville, NC
Shannon Farmer from Franklin, NC
Sherry L Samson from Cherry Hill /New Jersey
Stephanie from Moorhead
Yulya Lakishyk
Gerry McConkey from New Jersey
Celeste from Montreal
Kayla from Pennsylvania
Eli Holes from Block Island
gerard bryant from royal oak
Shelagh P from Stewartsville
StevenCeard from San Vicente De Tagua Tagua
jill a jamison from Cypress
Reina McNish from Boca Raton
Julia Schiff from Los Gatos
Jason Vanell from Miami
Leslie Banks from California
DeeAnna Barker from Marion
Milla Gold from Hirtenfeld
Loree Gold from Los Angeles CA
Kristine Achkar from San Jose, CA
StevenCeard from San Vicente De Tagua Tagua
Alison Frankly
Mary Jane Grisham from Ca
Lisa DiMarino from San Jose, Ca.
Jenessa Schwartz from Los Gatos, CA
Mike Roger from Willemstad
Chrisina Griecci from Reading, MA
Luke Hurd from San Jose
Nichole Ann Martinez from San Antonio, Texas
Judith Cowan
Dana Helman from San Jose
Vian Davis from Campbell
Nancy Allen
Ms. Jay Carskadden from Yakima, WA
Francine Monreal from IL
Andrea Adzima from Oregon
Diane Gahres from Mass.
Joey Dippel from San Jose
Pastor Stephanie Lape from Corona
Amy Heintz from San Jose, CA
Rebecca Geshuri
StevenCeard from San Vicente De Tagua Tagua
Andreas Roth from Freiburg im Breisgau
Stacy Trujillo from Ca
Katherine west from CO
JoEllen Wood from Plymouth MN
Joe Craig from Chelmsford, MA
Claire Alexander from San Jose
Shaila Griffin from Longview
Richard Andersen from Miami
Jenni Chapman from Campbell CA
Beth Johnson from CA
Beverly Hodge from Albuquerque/NM
Barney Bowles from Neunkirchen Am Potzberg
Leslie Scafidi from Stow, MA
Sandra Gonzalvez
Tricia Creason-Valencia from San Jose
Laura Castellano from San Jose, California
Tammy Blackwell from San Jose California
Carole Silverstein from Los Angeles
Dr. Eric Paul Bayon from San Jose, California
Dana Zell from San Jose, Ca
Shouze Ma from Beijing, China
Tiffany Hill
Ronnie Jacobson from San Jose, CA
Dawn Morris from CA
Patti Decena from San Jose
Shirpa Sampson from San Jose, CA
Jen Copaken
Jennifer Copaken from San Jose
MacKenzie Diakis from Forest City IA
Nichole A Bergen from Valley Springs, CA
Amy from FL
Anam from GOA
Susan Johnson from Boston
Jazmin from South Africa
Kimberly Ann from Paso robles CA
Michael from New York
Amanda Price from West Columbia/South Carolina
Leslie Hansen from Santa Ana, Ca
Sivaani Ashok from Bangalore
Maria from Portugal
Esther from Granada
Amechi from Abuja
Darius from Delareyville
Nikki Riggs from Sonora
KD_FAN from San Francisco
Marco Nero
Abe Denson from Longmont, CO
Melissa Stevenson from Glendale, AZ
Melanie McGinnis
Emma Hurley from Rochester
Suzanne Quirk
Ann Courrier from Las Vegas, NV
Meg Freisthler from Wapakoneta, Ohio
Susan lepper from Torrance ca
Nicolette Anderson
Vicky Jackson from Omaha
Michael Ranola from NCR
Yvonne from Ohio
Lanky from Bremerhaven/Germany
Lana Hankinson
Nicol Graham from Florence
Antonio Maia from swiss
Kristine from Ontario
Linda S Fleischman from GLEASON
Lanky from Bremerhaven/Germany
Wesley Costa da Conceição from Rio de Janeiro
Sydney Price from Shawnee Oklahoma
Jomen Berbo from Philippines
Cory Taylor from Orlando Florida
Alejandra Muriel from Coacalco de Berriozabal.
Debra Kendall from Nashville TN
Donna Cruciani from Paso Robles
Ishmael from Brazil
Jude Baguio
Nancy from CA
Dean Briggs from Nanaimo
Skyeler Klinge from St Augustine Florida
Candee Heller from Point Lookout
Rev. Pamela Dountas from Mineola, Texas
Sherin.K from Karnataka
T Seedhouse from Guelph
Stacy Mullinger from Fort Wayne
Zach from Florida
Mary Bottini from Lutz, FL
John Lee from Nashville, TN
Joanne Camarillo from Santa Clarita, CA
Nele Janssen
hailey from ma
Patricia East from Bryant
Maria-Virginia A. Gonzalez from Fort Lauderdale. FL
jonah higinbotham from davenport
Christina Courchesne from Palm Coast, Florida
Kathrin Lahner from Bückeburg
Tiana from London
Ms from Victoria
Ellen Bergman from Täby
Dr OmkarK from Maharashtra
Lisa Fain
Jasmine Lugo from Ca
Lisa Foote from Independence, MO
Claudia Rodriguez from Pico Rivera
Claudia Hübner
Sydney from Oregon
Carlee Gray from Columbus OH
Vanessa from Richmond,BC
Carol Soder from Hendersonville NC
Lisa Fleming from Mentone
Melissa Helms from Odessa/TX
Theresa from Garden grove ca
Donald Kivisto from Lakewood
Chinanuekpere Mahakwe from Imo State
Cathryn Harrison from Swansea
Mary from Plant City, FL
Vicki Gerken from Maple Grove
Sabrina Bittinger
Master charles ihnot from Ham lake mn
Karen Olson from Milton, Wi
Abhikya from Florida
Amy BEEBE from Fort Collins
Shelby Mallett
Amy Beebe from Fort Collins Co
lucy from dallas
Moha Mehta from Irvine
Rachel from Wexford, PA
Morgen Naylor from Utah
Toinette Ferraro from Carol Stream Illinois
Hayley Quagliano
Lupe Willians from Boulder City, NV
Norsy Dawson from Ravenel SC